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Highest Quality Dental Implants by Nobel Biocare.

Dental implants provide ideal solutions for missing teeth. We offer high quality clinically tested Dental Implant Systems coupled with hand-crafted Dental Crowns. Our implant dentists have a vast amount of experience with placing Implants.

Benefit of Dental Implants

Improved Appearance

– Missing teeth will make a smile look incomplete with unsightly gaps. Tooth loss can also cause facial muscles (especially those around the lips/mouth, and cheeks areas) to take on a sagging appearance, since the presence of teeth provides support for these muscles. Dental Implants can make a smile look complete, eliminating unattractive gaps caused by tooth loss.

Improved Speech

– Missing teeth can cause a person to have trouble speaking in a clear way. Dental Implants make it easier

Confidence Boosting

– Missing teeth can make a person feel self-conscious, and can make even the simplest acts of speaking or smiling very challenging to undertake – especially in the presence of other people. Dental Implants replace the form and function of natural teeth that have been lost, and can make a person feel confident once more to enjoy normal, daily activities.

Improved Chewing/Eating

– It is very hard to eat or chew without teeth, or even with just several missing teeth. Dental Implants fill out the space left by missing teeth, and replace the function of natural teeth so that a person can go back to the pleasure of eating or chewing food – without any difficulties.

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Full Lower Implants

  • A number of implants may be used to secure a lower denture.
  • A hole is made in the jaw bone for each Implant.
  • The Implant is placed and a healing cap fitted.
  • The gum is replaced while the bone recovers.
  • Access to the Implant is made and the second part of the Implant is attached.
  • We use locators or bar attachments for overdentures in the denture then keep it securely in place.

Bone Grafting

A surgical procedure used in dentistry, with the goal of augmenting (or adding to) the patient’s existing (and insufficient) jaw bone mass. A bone grafting procedure will be necessary in cases when traditional dental implants cannot be successfully placed, due to insufficient bone mass.

Sinus Grafting (Lift)

Also called sinus augmentation or sinus lift, sinus grafting is a dental surgical procedure that deals with the lifting of the sinus membrane upwards, creating enough space for a bone grafting procedure to be successfully done. Sinus grafting and bone grafting are surgical procedures that aim to augment insufficient jaw bone mass so that dental implants can be placed and properly supported.
  • Sinuses are cavities inside the structure of our skull.
  • When we lose a tooth, the bone around the root area starts to recede.
  • This can lead to the sinus expanding into the tooth root area.
  • If you choose to have an Implant there may not be sufficient bone to support it.
  • Special material can be inserted to encourage bone re-growth and ‘lift’ the sinus.
  • Over time, the bone will re-grow providing enough bone to support the Implant.
  • Locators or bar attachments for overdentures in the denture then keep it securely in place.

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