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Clearstep Braces

Benefits of Using Clearstep

  • Clearstep uses positioners which are very clear, that they can almost appear to be invisible; these clear positioners make it possible for the orthodontic treatment to be undertaken and successfully finished without having a mouth full of metal wires or brackets, which can be quite embarrassing especially for adults.
  • Clearstep positioners can easily be removed, so it is easier to maintain good oral hygiene while undergoing the teeth straightening treatment. The positioners can be removed when eating, or when you have to brush your teeth; you will not have to worry about getting food particles stuck in the positioners, inside your mouth. The Clearstep orthodontic treatment is much more hygienic compared to other forms of teeth straightening methods, since you can conveniently remove the positioners whenever you need to clean your mouth.
  • The positioners used in the Clearstep treatment are very comfortable to use – unlike the metal wires and brackets that are used in traditional metal braces treatments. You will not have to endure the discomfort of having metal parts poking around the sensitive inner lining of your mouth when you use Clearstep, since there are no metal wires or brackets that can cause the pain and discomfort.
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