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Dental Implant Videos & FAQ’s

What are the Options for My Single Missing Tooth?

• When a tooth is missing there are usually a number of solutions available.
• You could have a false tooth made and fitted to a plate.
• Alternatively a Bridge can be fitted to an adjacent tooth.
• Or you could have an Implant which doesn’t affect the adjacent teeth.

What are My Options for Multiple Missing Teeth (Lower Jaw)?

• When a number of teeth are missing, there are various options available.
• You may choose to have a denture.
• But over time, your gums will recede and the denture may not fit as well.
• You could choose to have Implants to secure the denture.
• One way is a small number of Implants with a bar and magnets to hold the denture another is a small number of Implants to which the denture is secured or a greater number of Implants onto which a set of teeth and permanently fitted.

Dental Implant Crown Options

• Once an Implant has been placed an abutment is fitted to hold the Crown.
• The abutment and the base of the crown may be metal.
• However, in certain light, this can make the tooth look dull.
• An alternative is for the abutment to be made of white material and the Crown made of solid porcelain.
• This will give a more natural look to the tooth.

Immediate Placement of a Tooth Lost in Trauma or Sports Injury

• When a tooth is lost through trauma replacing it immediately with an implant can be desirable.
• The open socket readily receives the right kind of implant and improves the healing process and reduces the time before the implant can be fitted.

Bone Expansion – After a Long Period after a Tooth has been Lost

• After a long period after a tooth has been lost the bone often shrinks away and becomes too thin to place an implant.
• One solution is to physically expand the bone, using special tools prior to the placement of the implant.

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