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Clearstep Braces

clearstep logoThe issue of crooked teeth can have a significantly negative impact in the overall appearance of a smile. However, not everyone who has improperly aligned teeth is willing to go through the whole teeth straightening treatment, since it usually involves the period when metal braces and wire brackets have to be worn on the teeth, resulting in embarrassing times (especially for adults).

A revolutionary way of doing orthodontic treatment without the embarrassment of having metal wires and brackets inside the mouth is paving the way for a much more discreet, and comfortable way to straighten teeth.

Clearstep offers you the opportunity to straighten your teeth in an effective manner – without having to advertise the orthodontic treatment to others around you.

What is Clearstep?

clearstep alignerClearstep is the clearest manner of teeth straightening or orthodontics, ensuring that the orthodontic treatment will have very minimal to zero disruptive effects on your daily activities.

The Clearstep system uses clear positioners that are ideal for the treatment of spaced, overlapping, or crooked teeth; these clear positioners are also very comfortable to use, and are responsible for the discreet manner of orthodontic treatment.

The Clearstep treatment also uses a number of orthodontic methods and appliances, in combination with the clear positioners, to achieve optimal results in the movement of teeth into a more properly aligned position.

How Does Clearstep Work?

Clearstep uses clear positioners to effectively move crooked, overlapping, or spaced teeth into their desired position. A set of clear positioners will need to be used for a period of two weeks; after this period, another set of clear positioners will be used, until the desired teeth straightening results are achieved. The Clearstep positioners are specially designed to exert controlled forces on the teeth, moving them in small increments until the desired position is obtained.

Say goodbye to gapped or crooked teeth without the embarrassing orthodontic treatment. Book an appointment with us now to learn more about Clearstep braces for discreet teeth straightening.

Benefits of Using Clearstep

  • Clearstep uses positioners which are very clear, that they can almost appear to be invisible; these clear positioners make it possible for the orthodontic treatment to be undertaken and successfully finished without having a mouth full of metal wires or brackets, which can be quite embarrassing especially for adults.
  • Clearstep positioners can easily be removed, so it is easier to maintain good oral hygiene while undergoing the teeth straightening treatment. The positioners can be removed when eating, or when you have to brush your teeth; you will not have to worry about getting food particles stuck in the positioners, inside your mouth. The Clearstep orthodontic treatment is much more hygienic compared to other forms of teeth straightening methods, since you can conveniently remove the positioners whenever you need to clean your mouth.
  • The positioners used in the Clearstep treatment are very comfortable to use – unlike the metal wires and brackets that are used in traditional metal braces treatments. You will not have to endure the discomfort of having metal parts poking around the sensitive inner lining of your mouth when you use Clearstep, since there are no metal wires or brackets that can cause the pain and discomfort.
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