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Dr Natasha Verma

Dr Natasha Verma

Medical Aesthetician. Six Month Smile Provider. Clinical Lecturer and Examiner of Kings College, London. Specialty Doctor of Oral Surgery.



“Dr Natasha Verma is a Medical Aesthetician and Six month smile provider specialising in non-surgical rejuvenation and short term orthodontics.

Upon graduating from University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Dr Verma gained her undergraduate dental qualification (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) and post-graduate qualification (Membership of Joint Faculties) by 2011.

Having spent several years training in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, she developed a knowledge and appreciation of human anatomy and limitations of the surgical approach.

Dr Verma practises evidence-based aesthetic treatments and regularly attends conferences and advanced training seminars to keep her skills at the forefront of her field. She is also furthering her knowledge by completing an MSc in Aesthetic Medicine in Queen Mary’s University, London.

She is passionate about her work and particularly enjoys sharing her experiences with other professionals by means of writing articles for Niche Jobs and The Aesthetic Journal. Fully qualified in six month smiles and the administration of advanced facial aesthetics, her interests’ lie within researching, selecting and implementing bespoke treatment plans of orthodontic needs and skin and hair rejuvenation, bringing about realistic and natural outcomes.

She is dedicated to the Aesthetic industry, transformation of patients’ smiles and enhancement of their confidence.

Dr Verma shares the ethos of the combination of science and beauty with natural and subtle beautification as the desired end point, and her loyal client following is a testament to her warmth and enthusiasm.”

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