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Dentures: Partial & Flexible

Missing teeth can be the source of a lot of problems, which can greatly affect a person’s quality of life. It is difficult to enjoy or even manage the most basic of daily activities when one has missing teeth, which is the reason why tooth loss should be addressed in the soonest possible time.

There are a number of ways to provide missing teeth solutions; however, some of these methods can be expensive, are not discreet, or may involve a number of complicated dental procedures. Valplast flexible partial dentures by Acorn Dental Care offer non-invasive missing teeth solutions that are considered to be more cost-effective compared to other solutions to tooth loss.




What is Valplast?

Valplast offers flexible partial dentures made from an unbreakable nylon resin; Valplast flexible partials offer affordable choices for missing teeth replacements, without sacrificing the quality of the end-result for the patient. The material used in Valplast flexible partial dentures makes these teeth replacements extremely comfortable to wear, and almost invisible as well – so the patient does not have to experience discomfort or embarrassment while enjoying the missing teeth solutions.

Valplast flexible partial dentures is the ideal missing teeth solution for those who do not want to go through invasive dental procedures, just to have the missing teeth replacements they need. The affordability of Valplast treatment enables even more people to enjoy a better quality of life – even after experiencing the problems caused by missing teeth.

Who Will Benefit from Valplast?

Valplast offers tremendous benefits to these individuals:

  • People who are looking for more affordable or cost-effective options for missing teeth replacements
  • People who do not want to undergo invasive procedures for their missing teeth solutions
  • Individuals who are allergic to common dental materials. Valplast uses a nylon material that has no metal colouring agents, no harmful metals and no acrylic monomer – making it ideal for those who suffer from allergies from materials commonly used for dental appliances
  • Those who want to have partial dentures that are very comfortable to wear. The flexible nylon material used in Valplast flexible are designed to provide the utmost comfort for the denture-wearer

Valplast® Flexible Partials Chairside Adjustment Video


The Valplast Guarantee

The Valplast resin that is used to make the flexible partial dentures is guaranteed never to break, under normal wear and tear, for the duration of the appliance’s lifetime (the warranty does not cover the prosthetic teeth embedded into the resin).

Video: Flexible Dentures

  • Acrylic dentures often require metal clasps to help secure them.
  • These clasps, depending on their position, can be unsightly.
  • Also, the rigidity of acrylic makes it prone to breaking.
  • New flexible dentures help deal with both of these issues.